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Is It Better to Have a Tax Credit or a Deduction?

Tax Deductions – In one way or another, tax deductions reduce the taxable portion of an individual’s income, which thus ...
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The IRS Is Tackling Tax Evasion With AI

AI tools have taken nearly every industry by storm recently, and even federal tax authorities have realized that these resources ...
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Nurturing Employee Wellbeing: A Recap of SBF Advisors’ Busy Season

As busy season winds down here at SBF Advisors, we take a moment to reflect on the exciting events that ...
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Navigating Economic Storms: 10 Strategies for Business Survival and Success

As the winds of economic uncertainty continue to blow, many businesses find themselves sailing through turbulent waters. With high interest ...
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Estimated Tax Payments Are Not Just for the Self-Employed

Unlike employees, who have income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes withheld from their wages, self-employed individuals must prepay their taxes ...
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Unveiling SBF Advisors’ Brand Update

In recognition of the firm’s continuing growth and service offering expansion, the SBF partners felt it was time for a ...
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