Building a Bridge from Happy Employees to Happy Clients

In the world of business, the link between employee happiness and client satisfaction is a powerful yet often underestimated one.

At SBF, we believe the secret to creating happy clients lies in fostering a workplace where our employees enjoy coming to work. Here are some ways our amazing team members strive to provide the highest level of client service:

1. Dedication to Quality Service:

When employees feel valued, respected, and content in their roles, they are more likely to provide high-quality services. Happy employees view their work as a source of pride and are committed to delivering excellence, which directly benefits clients.

One client thanked Yuni Paramitha, a member of our Client Accounting Services team for noticing that she’s a visual learner. “She is super quick to respond to my 10,000 questions and always provides detailed explanations (often with screenshots, which is incredibly helpful).”

2. Enhanced Communication:

Happy employees are more approachable and open to communication. They actively listen to client needs and concerns, resulting in better client-advisor relationships. This increased communication helps us better understand our clients’ goals and expectations.

A stalwart of our CAS department, Linda Denness earned a special shoutout from a self-taught bookkeeper for “being so understanding, helping me understand, answering my stupid questions, being such a good communicator, and truly just being an amazing person. When it comes to finances, taxes, etc., it can be stressful, and she is truly a blessing to have.”

3. Innovation and Problem Solving:

Content employees are more creative and innovative. They are more likely to come up with inventive solutions to clients’ challenges, enabling us to provide value-added services that exceed expectations.

A longtime client in his 80s singled out SBF Principal Kera Haas and Billing Coordinator Ashley Gonzalez for their close attention to his needs. “I am very limited in my computer skills,” he told us, “and you’re not going to teach an old dog new tricks at my age.” For a long time, we offered paper workbooks which Kera would use to prepare tax returns. When SBF transitioned to online filing last year, Ashley went above and beyond to help him complete and submit his forms — a degree of dedication that has kept this client in the SBF family since 1971.

4. Client Retention:

Satisfied employees contribute to better client retention rates. Clients appreciate the consistency and familiarity of working with the same team members who genuinely care about their success. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning – 50+ years!

When we prioritize employee happiness, it creates a ripple effect throughout our entire organization. Our team members are dedicated, innovative, and committed professionals who are genuinely invested in the success of our clients. Happy clients are the best advocates for our firm, and their trust and loyalty are a testament to the strong connection between our employees’ happiness and the satisfaction of those we serve.