Edinger Consulting

Scott K. Edinger works with senior executives at companies like AT&T, Lenovo, McDonalds, and The Los Angeles Times to help them lead revenue growth. Because Scott is a sole-practitioner and takes primary responsibility for every aspect of his business, it’s extremely important to him that he use his time and strengths wisely. There are three areas that he remains laser-focused on in order to grow his business – doing great work for existing clients, bringing in new clients, and writing articles and books.

According to Scott, what allows him to be as diligent as possible in those three areas is that he can count on SBF to handle all things financial. SBF has managed all accounting support functions of the business since its inception. These functions have grown significantly along with Scott’s business and include everything such as accounts receivable, invoicing, expense management, cash-flow analysis, and tax planning.

Presently, Scott is in the planning stages of writing his third book. According to Scott, “A book launch is expensive. I rely on SBF to forecast my finances and manage cash flow so that a project like this can happen and go smoothly.” On his experience working with SBF he adds, “I spend less than one hour per month reviewing my financial statements. I trust that everything is buttoned up and done right. If I need something explained, my accountants take the time to make sure I understand.”

A little more about Edinger Consulting…
Scott Edinger started his firm eight years ago to help business leaders develop strategies and execute approaches that achieve increased top and bottom line results. Scott is also a popular keynote speaker at major conferences, sharing his expertise on leadership, sales growth, innovation, organizational culture, and strategy. As a consultant, author, advisor, and speaker, he creates positive change for clients, and is recognized as an expert on leadership for revenue growth.