Karim Hutson – Genesis Companies

Genesis Companies is a full-service development and construction firm enhancing communities in New York and New Jersey. Genesis Companies develops high-quality affordable and mixed-income housing. Founder Karim Hutson initially engaged SBF in 2008 for tax services when the company was in its early stages only managing a few housing projects.

As time went on, Genesis’ portfolio and accounting needs grew. Karim determined that placing their entire accounting needs with SBF would be the most effective way to move forward.

Now, SBF handles all aspects of Genesis’ day-to-day accounting including dealing directly with financial institutions, coordinating draws to keep new developments on track, and acting as an outsourced CFO in a high-level advisory role.

Karim and his colleagues have only positive things to say about working with SBF. “Since SBF took over our accounting function, it has been night and day,” said Karim. “The improvement in the quality of our accounting records and processes has been remarkable. We rely on SBF as a trusted advisor, using their experience with other businesses in industries like ours to help us make decisions.”

A little more about Genesis…

Founded in 2004, Genesis is staunchly committed to community engagement and disciplined analysis. Boasting leadership with over 30 years of experience in multifamily development, the Genesis portfolio includes 57 buildings representing 1,144 residential units and approximately 1.1 million square feet of utilized space, which are completed and/or in development. Genesis properties encompass low- and moderate-income housing, mixed-use properties and commercial development. Working with cultural institutions, churches and mosques as well as other minority and women-owned businesses, Genesis emboldens the vitality of diverse and complex neighborhoods. Through strategic ventures, Genesis enables governments, nonprofits and landowners to optimize real estate.