SBF Continues Streak: Named Best Place to Work by Tampa Bay Business Journal for Sixth Consecutive Year

A special recognition, courtesy of SBF employee surveys, adds an extra layer of honor to this award.

For the sixth year in a row, SBF celebrates being voted a Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Place to Work 2024 by our employees. Businesses are evaluated in key areas, including team effectiveness, employee retention, alignment with company goals, trust among coworkers and managers, confidence in senior leadership, and a sense of being valued. Based on confidential employee surveys, this award highlights SBF’s unique culture, making us the sole CPA firm on this year’s honoree list.

At SBF, we’re all about fostering a vibrant workplace. We’re firm believers that a diverse team sparks fresh ideas and perspectives, playing a crucial role in our ongoing growth. It’s what keeps our professional journey exciting and dynamic! Our ongoing initiatives include professional development opportunities, employee wellness programs, and a collaborative work environment that empowers every team member. “We’re constantly evolving to ensure everyone’s ideas are valued and our culture stays cutting-edge,” says Chief People Officer, Jessica Espaillat. “It’s not just about work; it’s about creating a space where innovation thrives and every voice counts.”

Looking ahead, we’re all in on continuous improvement and innovation, striving to enhance the employee experience and outdo the standards set by this prestigious recognition. Together, we’re ready to tackle whatever comes our way, fueled by our shared vision of a workplace that not only thrives but sets the bar for excellence in every aspect. And, we’re not stopping there – we’re on a mission to keep attracting top-notch talent that aligns seamlessly with our firm values, ensuring our team stays as exceptional as ever.

In four distinct size categories, a total of 60 businesses in the Tampa Bay area proudly hold the title of ‘Best Places to Work.’ SBF is thrilled to be among these honorees, and we look forward to celebrating our exceptional team at a special event hosted at Raymond James Stadium on May 2nd.

We thank our dedicated team members for this recognition as we continue to build a workplace we all love.