What the Wall Street Journal Gets Wrong About the Future of Accounting

Ignore the naysayers: Accounting doesn’t have to be a grind. SBF is proof.

A couple months ago, the Wall Street Journal turned some heads with a glum proclamation: Accounting, it claimed, just isn’t the career it used to be. Citing low wage growth, long hours and a crisis in student enrollment, WSJ fretted about the future of the industry. In response, accounting professionals around the country quickly spoke up to defend their calling.

At SBF, we don’t recognize this gloomy vision of an accounting career. After 52 years providing premium and specialized financial services and advice in the Tampa Bay region, we’re prouder than ever of our field — and the work we do within it. From where we’re standing, the future of accounting is bright. Here are three straightforward reasons why.

We’re living our values.

When it comes down to it, accountants are trusted advisors for individuals and companies. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and we’ve found that doing so is better for business. Accounting is meaningful work, and we give back at every chance. SBF has been proud to support organizations like Community Action Stops Abuse (CASA), Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center, and many other nonprofits.

We also believe that happy, well-rested and fully supported colleagues are in the best position to help our clients. Our own staff has voted SBF one of the best places to work in the Tampa Bay region for five years in a row. And while everyone puts in long hours during “busy season,” we fully support our staff, even with heavy workloads.

We’re looking ahead.

From brand-new hires to up-and-coming partners, we invest heavily in our employees’ career development. Our full-time performance and development coordinator tracks and supports every worker individually; we also care deeply about mentoring, so every employee is paired with a senior professional who can advise them throughout their career trajectory. At SBF, anyone who puts in the work can thrive in their career.

Our firm is also staying ahead of the curve on technology and innovation. From AI and automation to staying focused on the future, SBF remains vigilant. We’ve even started a new internship specifically dedicated to technology in the accounting space.

We’re lifting each other up.

Our integrated approach to business — spanning taxes, audit services, outsourced and even forensic accounting — isn’t just for our clients. Each department learns about and relies on each other for transparency and better service. It’s part of our SBF family approach.

Insiders and accounting students spoke to the Wall Street Journal about their fears of stagnation, poor pay and work-life imbalance. We don’t believe accounting has to be that way, and our success is proof. Next year, we’ll be celebrating SBF’s 53rd anniversary with more partners, more options for our clients and more support from our quickly growing team. If you’d like to be a part of a better way in accounting, get in touch to learn more about joining us and doing good work.