Learning How to Row Together at SBF’s 2023 Firm Retreat

Recharge, reconnect, and refocus: How SBF learned the importance of uniting our strengths at our 2023 firm retreat.

At SBF, our annual firm retreat stands out as one of the most highly anticipated days. This special occasion offers us the opportunity to break away from our daily routines and rekindle our connections with colleagues. In October, we spent the day at Hotel Haya in Ybor City where we had the privilege of hearing from keynote speaker Justin Facenda, engaging with our firm’s partners, and participating in team bonding activities.

Embracing our theme for the day, ‘Crewing Up: Uniting Strengths, Pursuing Excellence,’ Justin delivered a compelling speech emphasizing the significance of working together, and how these principles seamlessly translate to our office environment. Here, we share two crucial insights that we’ve gained and are now integrating into SBF.

1. The power of rowing together

Justin focused on the idea that our collective efforts yield remarkable results when each team member actively contributes and collaborates towards a common objective. Whether this pertains to a specific department or the entire firm, fostering unity and teamwork has the potential to enhance our productivity but also strengthen our sense of belonging and fulfillment within the SBF family.

2. The pitfalls of rowing alone

He emphasized the crucial point that, as a team, our collective impact can be more detrimental than beneficial if individuals attempt to navigate solo and row alone. Opting for solo efforts can impede progress, fostering unhealthy habits and slowing down the workflow. However, by uniting as a team and rowing together, we not only achieve our goals more efficiently but also significantly reduce stress compared to undertaking tasks alone.

Another notable segment during our firm retreat included the State of the Firm address delivered by SBF partners. This informative session provided a comprehensive overview of the firm’s current standing, key achievements, and outlined strategic initiatives for the upcoming year, fostering a shared understanding and vision among all team members.

Here are two of the key ways that we are keeping up with the accounting industry.

1. Investing in people

We have said it before and we will say it again: People Matter Most here at SBF. It all begins with our dedicated team. By fostering a positive work environment that our employees truly enjoy, we believe it will, in turn, enhance the quality of their work. As a company, we recognize that a motivated and satisfied team not only contributes to individual success but also fuels the overall growth and success of our organization. The sense of belonging that individuals discover within our organization also extends to the benefit of our clients. When our team members genuinely enjoy their work environment, their heightened satisfaction translates into superior work output, ultimately leading to the happiness of our clients.

2. Enhancing our service offerings

Following the recent merger of SBF and Westbay CPA’s, our firm has expanded to include a variety advisory services. Aligned with the evolving landscape of the accounting industry, we continue to grow as a comprehensive one-stop-shop, offering a full spectrum of financial and advisory services. This strategic move allows us to provide our clients with seamless solutions, ensuring they receive not only expert accounting services but also valuable insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of their financial landscape.

Overall, the combination of team-building activities, insightful keynote speeches, and strategic business updates demonstrates SBF’s dedication to creating a dynamic and thriving workplace. The firm’s focus on collaboration, employee satisfaction, and adapting to industry changes positions it well for continued success in the accounting and advisory services sector.