Nurturing Employee Wellbeing: A Recap of SBF Advisors’ Busy Season

Explore SBF's Dedication to Employee Happiness Year-Round, Especially During Busy Season.

As busy season winds down here at SBF Advisors, we take a moment to reflect on the exciting events that took place. We understand that busy season is challenging for our employees, so to express our gratitude for their hard work, we invest in various activities to bring some brightness to this demanding time.

Office Olympics

At the start of the busy season, we hosted the 2nd annual SBF Office Olympics! Our employees had the chance to sign up for teams and participate in various activities and scavenger hunts around the office. This event, designed to be a fun way to connect with teammates, also served as a valuable team bonding experience. Teamwork is crucial during busy seasons in the accounting field, and our Office Olympics helped everyone recognize the fantastic support they have from their colleagues.

Sangria Tasting

Another SBF favorite is our Secret Buddy Month. Those who wish to participate are assigned a secret buddy, and for three weeks, they give their buddy one small gift without revealing their identity. In the fourth week, we host a reveal party, where participants give their buddy one final gift and reveal who they are. We also held a Sangria tasting hosted by our Chief People Officer, Jessica Espaillat, and our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kiana Lunay. It was another wonderful opportunity for our team to step away from work and enjoy some time together.

A new addition to this busy season was Wellness Wednesdays. Every Wednesday from February to April, SBF hosted various sessions dedicated to rejuvenating our employees’ minds and bodies. We offered meditation walks, massages, cardio drumming, and yoga—all aimed at better supporting our team during this time of year.

Focusing on employee happiness during the busy season, and throughout the entire year, is ingrained in SBF’s culture. We recognize there are always ways to improve our busy season operations, which is why we schedule regular check-ins and hold post-busy season debrief sessions to ensure our employees feel heard. We use their feedback to discover new ways to support and encourage our team, making SBF a great place to work.